Tecate Launches New “Tecate Titanium,” 24-Oz. Tall Boys With Twice The Alcohol


Tecate on steroids.

When the sun is out and I’m sitting on a patio drinking cold beer, Tecate is a rock-solid choice. But with just about all Mexican-style beers coming in around 5% alcohol, you just can’t find that refreshing Mexican beer taste with a high alcohol content. Until now…

Tecate is changing the game with their new “Tecate Titanium,” a 24-oz tall boy with nearly twice the alcohol. We’re talking a shit-ton of bang for your buck.

According to a press release, Tecate is looking to fill a “gap in the market where most of the high-ABV options are non-beers, inferior beers, or hoppy craft beers. Titanium is bold, but it’s also highly refreshing.”

Same great taste, twice the alcohol… Micheladas anyone?


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A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock