Sonic Introduces New Brunch Burger To Help Fight Your Hangover

A cheeseburger with a red and yellow logo

Game changer.

Sonic just dropped the news that they added what they’re calling a “brunch burger” to their menu, but let’s cut the shit… this is your new hangover cure. We’re talking a Sonic beef patty topped with cheese, bacon, and egg, PLUS a side of tots for the extremely fair price of $2.99. If tots can’t turn your day around, nothing will.

They also recommend you pair this beautiful breakfast burger with a Sonic mimosa which is just their cherry limeade with a splash of orange juice… AKA some juice. Not exactly a mimosa by definition, but add your own champagne when you get home and you’re good to go. They’ll also offer a Bigger Brunch Burger, with doubles the beef, for $4.99.

“As traditional meal times continue to shift and change, brunch has taken on a life of its own, allowing the mixing, matching, and harmonizing of familiar flavors to create endless dishes,” said Scott Uehlein, vice president of product innovation and development for SONIC. “With our entire menu available all day long, guests are free to order breakfast anytime and our new Brunch Burger is the best of both worlds. Adding crispy Tots and a Cherry Limeade Mimosa makes any day feel like a gorgeous Sunday!”

Appreciate the innovation Scott, I like what I’m hearing. Here’s an idea though… start serving alcohol so I can get a real mimosa and you’ll pass Chick-fil-A as America’s favorite fast food chain in a matter of months.

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A beer bottle on a dock