Lucky Charms-Flavored Beer Sells Out Instantly & Now People Are Selling Empty Cans For $450

Well, that was fun while it lasted…

Last week, Smartmouth Brewery’s latest creation, “Saturday Morning IPA,” went completely viral and for good reason… it tastes just like Lucky Charms cereal milk. When news spread about the launch, people started lining up to buy the limited-edition breakfast beers and naturally, they sold out about as fast as humanly possible.

“I think the first people got here at 7 a.m.,” said Porter Hardy, President of Smartmouth Brewing Co. “They sold as fast as we could ring people up.”

However now, according WTKR, 4 packs have sold for as high as $450 online, including one with a current bid of $100 on eBay. Oh, and per eBay’s alcohol policy, they’re all EMPTY.


Who would pay that much for an empty beer can?