Roger Creager & Cory Morrow’s Meme Battle Is Getting Out Of Control & I Love It

Cory Morrow, Roger Creager are posing for a picture

Love me a good old-fashioned meme battle, Twitter war, whatever you want to call it… I love it.

What appears to have started out as a friendly meme war between some good Texas country buddies has gone full blown nuclear when Cory Morrow shared Roger Creager’s phone number on his social media. But first, let’s take a look back and find out how we got here.

I’m coming in at halftime, but first shots appear to have been fired by Roger Creager who Tweeted that Cory schedules his concerts around The Bachelor.

The two went back and forth, trading some pretty good memes.

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Walmart Feet ????

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Things took a turn for the worse when Cory hit Roger with the dreaded number leak.


Stay tuned, this thing just started heating up and Roger isn’t waving the white flag anytime soon.

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NEVER SURRENDER!!! #teamroger @corymorrowband

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God blessed Texas. Get the shirt here.

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