Natty Light Is Re-Releasing The Monster 77-Pack Just In Time For Spring Break


What a time to be alive.

Earlier this week, the good folks at Natural Light released their new strawberry-lemonade flavored summer beer “Naturdays,” and while that would normally be enough to make any college kid happy, or any budget-conscious day-drinking for that matter, they’re going to do you one better.

As a Spring Break exclusive, Natty is bringing back their monster 77-packs for a limited time only. The massive new variety box will feature 29 Naturdays, 24 Natural Ice, and 24 Natural Lights.

The party box will only be available in South Padre Island, TX, which is more than enough reason to book your Spring Break trip there ASAP. Oh, what I’d give to be floating in a pool somewhere down in Texas with 77 ice cold Natties to drink.

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A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock