7 Alcohol Mixers That Are A GAME-CHANGER

A couple of bottles of liquid

Sick of Jack and Coke? Vodka Soda? Plain beer? Well, let’s get creative.

Mix up your drinking hobby in the form of odd mixers, that actually taste good, and give that extra oomph. Here are 7 odd mixers that work…

1. Pedialyte

Your favorite flavor of Pedialyte and your favorite vodka will be your new favorite drink. Drunk, and no hangover, and hydrated. Sorta.

A group of people in the snow

2. Emergen-C

Not feeling well but still want to drink? Mix some Emergen-C with whiskey. Bye cold!

3. Alpha Brain

Alpha Brain by Onnit is “clinically studied to help healthy individuals support memory, focus, and processing speed” according to their site. I’ve used it, it’s good stuff, and you know it’s good when Joe Rogan uses it.

4. Beer

Instead of a mimosa, try a beermosa. Beer and OJ. Or beer and champagne? I dunno.

5. Coffee

I know some of the hardcore folks out there may put a little whiskey in their coffee…

6. Coconut water

Mix with a little citrus and vodka and boom. Hydrated. Boom. Drunk.

7. Pickle juice

I love a good Jameson Pickleback, but why not just mix the two and sip? Think of it as a Whiskey Dirty Martini of sorts. Also, it’s basically the new Gatorade.

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Get your WHISKEY tees here.

A group of people in the snow

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock