10 Deep Country Songs That Will Really Help Put Things In Perspective

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The great thing about music, especially country music, is that when you hear a song and really take the time to dive into the lyrics, it has the power change your outlook on things.

The following 10 songs from the past year do just that.

Some are songs that preach to get out and live life to the fullest, others are songs about proving your worth when faced with adversity, and some are about facing your own personal demons, but most importantly, all should give you some perspective on life.

“While You Still Can” – Brothers Osborne

“Because everything you thought would last forever / Never lasts forever, like you plan / Don’t let your night become another / So take life by the hands while you still can.”

“Living” – Dierks Bentley

“Some days you just breath in, just try to break even / Sometimes your heart’s poundin’ out of your chest, sometimes it’s just beatin’ / Some days you just forget what all you’ve been given / Some days you just get back, and some days you’re just alive / Some days you’re livin’.”

“Rainbow” – Kacey Musgraves

“Well the sky is finally open, the rain and wind stopped blowin’ / But you’re stuck out in the same old storm again / You hold tight to your umbrella, darlin’ I’m just tryin’ to tell ya / That there’s always been a rainbow hangin’ over your head.”

“Everybody Lives” – Granger Smith

Everybody’s got a future, but not everybody makes it past / Everybody’s got a chance to take that some don’t take, till it’s too late to take it back / Everybody’s got a last breath, but not everybody breathes it in / Everybody dies, but not everybody lives / Not everybody lives.”

“The Joke” – Brandi Carlile

“Let ’em laugh while they can / Let ’em spin, let ’em scatter in the wind / I have been to the movies, I’ve seen how it ends / And the joke’s on them.”

“Girl Goin’ Nowhere” – Ashley McBryde

“But when the lights come up, and I hear the band / And where they said I’d never be is exactly where I am / I hear the crowd, I look around, and I can’t find an empty chair / Not bad for a girl goin’ nowhere.”

“Better Boat” – Kenny Chesney (ft. Mindy Smith)

“I breathe in, I breathe out, got friends to call who let me talk about / What ain’t working, what’s still hurtin’, all the things I feel like cussing out / Now and then I let it go, around the waves I can’t control / I’m learning how to build a better boat.”

“Worth It” – Danielle Bradbery

“’Cause I’m worth it / You’re crazy baby if you think that I don’t know it / I ain’t afraid to walk away if you can’t see it, believe it / And give me the love I’m deserving / ‘Cause I know I’m worth it.”

“Wolves” – Ryan Bingham

“Years have gone by / And the callin’ carries on / Scars above my eye / Are tender to the bone / And though I’ve settled down / I hear the children say / “You have to stand your ground / And keep the wolves at bay”.”

“Part Of Growing Up” – Kip Moore

“Some doors have opened, more have shut / And I’ve had some dreams that turned to dust / Yeah, life has hit me just because it can with heavy hands / But that’s all part of growin’ up.”

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