Sol Chelada Is Coming To The United States

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Sol Chelada launches in the U.S.

If you’ve ever been to Mexico, or even if you haven’t, you’ve probably heard of Sol. It’s like the Bud Light of Mexico.

I’ve honestly never been to Mexico myself, so I haven’t had the luxury of sitting on the beautiful beaches, drinking tequila, eating tacos and of course sipping on an ice cold Sol, but now, I won’t have to. Sol is coming to the United States.

Releasing in the U.S. this month, Sol Chelada is a ready-to-drink mix that combines Sol beer with tomato, lime, spices and other natural flavors. Crafted by the same brewmasters behind the number one chelada in Mexico, Sol Chelada finally brings the same flavor to the U.S. that has previously been enjoyed south of the border.

“Beer drinkers have been asking us to bring Sol Chelada to the United States for quite some time,” said Danielle Rappoport, MillerCoors marketing director. “We are proud to introduce a convenient, savory and refreshing chelada mix that fans and new drinkers can enjoy.”

An authentic Michelada in a can? I’m “Sol-d.”

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A beer bottle on a dock