Lone Star Beer Unveils New “24/7” Beer, Less Calories, Less Alcohol, You Can Drink It All Day

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People say cheap beer is water all the time… Lone Star might actually have a beer that’s just like water.

According to a press release, Lone Star 24|7 clocks in at only 2.1% ABV and 68 calories… so basically the alcohol content of a kombucha.

“Texans are looking for lighter beers that they can enjoy while coming together and spending time outdoors, gathering with friends and family, or maintaining an active, more health-conscious lifestyle,” said Elkin Vasco, Lone Star Beer Brand Manager. “We are thrilled to launch Lone Star 24|7 and feel Texas beer advocates will be too.”

AKA, Texans are looking for a beer that they can drink all damn day and still drive home.

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“Lone Star 24|7 is brewed with the contemporary Texan lifestyle in mind,” stated Vasco. “It’s delicious and easy going so everyone can always enjoy it, so please get out there and enjoy everything Texas has to offer, 24|7.”


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