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Luke Combs Fan Tattoos “Beer Never Broke My Heart” On His Butt

Meet Thomis. Thomis is a Luke Combs fan.

Thomis also appears to have lost a bet or something because he just tattooed “Beer Never Broke My Heart” onto his left ass cheek. The caption reads:

“Sorry Mom, but I am a man of my word.”


As it turns out, he shared something to Facebook challenging his friends to like his post and they definitely came through with more than enough likes to get him in the tattoo chair. If you swipe through the Instagram post you can see the tattoo go from just an idea on paper to Thomis bare-assed on the table, and all the way through to the beautiful finished product.

It’s one thing to have fans tattooing lyrics on their bodies, but it’s completely different when it’s a beer bottle on your ass. This is how you know you’re onto something good, something beyond your control.

Batting 1.000 in #1 singles, fans are tattooing song titles on their ass, Luke Combs is on an absolute tear right now and showing no signs of stopping anytime soon.

Beer. Whiskey. Country. Puppies… Get the shirt here.

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A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock