Flavor Town Mayor Guy Fieri Opening A Chicken Finger Chain “Across The Country” With 22 Dipping Sauces

Oh baby.

You know we like to talk Guy Fieri here.

Last year, Guy and Planet Hollywood founder Robert Earl launched Chicken Guy! at Disney Springs in Orlando. The “restaurant” serves chicken tenders and fries with 22, TWENTY FUCKING TWO, dipping sauces.

I’m a big sauce guy.

Now, according to Eater, they plan to turn this into a chain, with the second location coming to Miami followed by locations “across the country.” Here’s what I can tell you – it’s absolutely fucking impossible to fuck up chicken tenders.

The worst bar kitchen on the planet can still give you a decent chicken tender. Hell, I still miss the chicken tenders from my college student center. What really gets me all hot and bothered here are the 22 sauces.

I just can’t get over that amount of sauce. Uh, Flavor Town ya think?

The website lists some of the sauces:


Mayo + Roasted Garlic + Mustard + Worcestershire + Lemon


Honey + Red Chilies + Cayenne + Garlic + Onion


Kentucky Bourbon + Brown Sugar + Molasses + Apple Cider Vinegar


Mayo + Ketchup + Mustard + Pickle Juice + Chicken Guy! Special Spices & Seasonings

How ’bout Guy! working the chicken tender DJ booth here launching shit into the crowd of crazed fans.

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