Genius Kid Uses The Doorbell Cam To Call His Dad & Ask For Help With The TV

This kid is going places.

He’s innovative. Resourceful. A problem solver.

This kid in Michigan was home alone while his mom was across the street visiting neighbors. His mom told him that he could go home and watch the kids channel. The only problem? He didn’t know how to turn it on.

Turns out it wasn’t a problem for this boy genius. He used the family’s Ring doorbell system to call his dad and ask him how to get to the kids channel. In the video, you can hear the dad cracking up as he realizes that his son is too smart for his own good. And after the boy gets the answers he was looking for, he gives his dad a kiss through the doorbell and goes back inside to watch TV.

The moral of this story? We better watch out, because this next generation is way smarter than we are.

Inventive Boy Uses Ring To Get Help From Dad

This smart kid knew exactly how to get a hold of dad when a very important matter needed to be solved.

Posted by Ring on Thursday, February 14, 2019

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