Garth Brooks Announces Another Box Set, The 7-Disc Vinyl ‘Legacy Collection’

Garth Brooks holding a video game console

Garth gettin’ physical releasing another box set, I like that.

Every few months Garth seems to release some 42-disc set of all his old hits that, if we bought when he released that last box set, probably haven’t changed much. In 2016, we had The Ultimate Collection. In 2017, The Anthology Part I: The First Five Years. In 2018, we got The Anthology Part III: LIVE, Triple Live, and now, we’re about to get the 7-disc vinyl The Legacy Collection, in addition to his upcoming studio album Fun. 

That’s a lot of collections…

“Today is the Day! Join Garth LIVE tonight at 7pm ET for your chance to pre-order the entire Legacy Collection numbered series at the “band and crew” price + shipping included.”

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock