Jay Allen’s Mother Dies After Battle With Alzheimer’s, “Blank Stares” To Live On

Some very sad news to report.

Country singer Jay Allen’s mother, who he wrote the viral song “Blank Stares” about, has passed away.

Jay’s mom has been battling Alzheimer’s, and his song has help spread some much-needed awareness. Last night he shared the following heartbreaking update:

This morning at 3:30am my momma went to heaven – calm and in her sleep, with my pops holding her hand. Each of us kids had a chance to say our goodbyes, as we all cried and prayed together. My heart aches as I write this, but I ask that you please help us not focus on the sadness. Instead, celebrate the life of a beautiful, selfless woman. Remember how she fiercely followed God and served others. And please, continue to share her story until we finally end this thief of a disease… Momma, it’s been an honor to be your son. I’ll forever look forward to seeing your face again, wrapping my arms around you, and singing country songs at the top of our lungs. Now, go decorate that mansion of yours. You earned it. Love you. #ENDALZ

“Blank Stares” gained national attention, and will continue to live on, and help spread the word about ending Alzheimer’s.

Jay performing the song with his mom on stage.

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