If Whiskey Myers’ New Song “B*tch” Doesn’t Get You Fired Up, Nothing Will

Pretty intense for a Monday morning. Fuck it.

“We’re going to play us some more new shit because that’s what we feel like doing,” said lead singer Cody Cannon right before introducing guitar player John Jeffers who took lead vocals on this new rock ‘n roll face-melter. Here’s just a little taste from the first verse in this one:

“Tired of the radio, same old lyrics, smokeshows, you so country we all know, tailgates and back roads, same shit different day, ain’t nothin’ ever gone change, long as you know that you are still just a bitch in my book.”

Feel like running through a brick wall yet?

God blessed Texas. Rep your home state with the “State Shirts Line.”

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A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock