Aaron Lewis Calls Out Country Singers Wearing Their Sister’s Jeans In “It Keeps On Workin'”

Aaron Lewis is taking Music Row to task.

His newest release, “It Keeps On Working,'” calls out today’s fake pop country singers that, “just sing the songs,” as opposed to really living them out.

“There ain’t no country music down on Music Row these days, it used to feel all down back-home, now it’s watered down L.A., but it keeps on working. Just when I think it’s over, another one comes along, a fresh new face in his sister’s jeans, singing the same damn song. but it keeps on working.”

Aaron has never been one to mince words.

If you remember back to 2016, Aaron called out Luke Bryan, Sam Hunt and other artists for “choking the life out of country music.” This new one, is more or less, just a musical extension of that same sentiment.

Make a statement. Get your “That’s Not Country” shirt here.

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