Students Think The Predators Should Change Their Name to the Sabercats Because of the “Stigma” of the Word “Predator”

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Thanks a lot Chris Hansen.

Because it’s 2019 and we can’t have nice things, a group of students from Emory University’s Marketing Analytics Center apparently think that the Nashville Predators should change their name to the “Sabercats” because of the “unfortunate connotation” of the word “predator.”

Yeah, I thought it was a joke too. Until I saw their tweet.

Now, obviously the Nashville Predators name has nothing to do with THAT kind of predator. The name “Predators” was voted on by fans in 1997 after the franchise unveiled their logo, a sabre-tooth tiger, in reference to the sabre-tooth tiger skeleton that was found beneath downtown Nashville in 1971.

Predictably, the idea of a name change wasn’t very popular among Preds fans.

So yeah, I’m not going to be throwing away all of my Preds gear anytime soon. Unless they lose to the Penguins in the Stanley Cup Finals again.

Then… all bets are off.

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h/t: Yahoo Finance

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