Miranda Lambert’s Husband Went Viral In 2015 As The “Sexy” Dancing Cop

Did some research for y’all.

Back in 2015, Miranda Lambert’s new husband Brendan McLoughlin went viral as the “sexy” dancing NYPD cop.

Remember that song “Cupid Shuffle” every wedding would play for drunk guests? – yup, that’s the song he danced to, and he’s pretty good. Guy has rhythm. I’ll give him that.

In the videos below, you’ll see Brendan front and center, showing off his moves for tourists and New Yorkers. Naturally, everyone busted out their phones and started filming.

It’s been a whirlwind of news stories, gossip, and piecing together since the news broke of Miranda and Brendan’s completely unexpected marriage. Nobody saw it coming. Yesterday, we told you about him being taken off patrol as there was too many distractions. That followed the laundry list story about Brendan’s past which seems to be a mess, to say the least.

Here’s the video of Brendan McLoughlin that went viral back in 2015, along with some of the comments…

“I wanna know who taught that boy to move like that!!!!!”

“Cop is sexy as hell.”

Here’s a longer video (but shittier quality) another onlooker filmed.

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