Guy Loses Fantasy Football League, Covers Himself In Peanut Butter And Walks Through Dog Park As Punishment

Fuck you LeVeon Bell.

Fantasy Football can be fun for some, incredibly frustrating for most and, downright humiliating for a few. For 25-year-old Steven Shrout of Arlington, Texas, it was much more the latter.

After coming in last place in his 12-person fantasy football league this year, Shrout was given the choice to either pay $250 bucks or strip down to a gold speedo, cover himself in peanut butter and take a stroll through the local dog park. For some unknown reason… we went with the peanut butter.

At first glance, Shrout looks like an absolute psychopath, but once he told people the reason he was there, they thought it was hysterical. He was tasked with staying there for 5 minutes, the 5 longest minutes of his life I can imagine.

Oh, nice shiner by the way. Shrout looks like he’s had a rough week. Maybe get new friends…

Here’s the friend-recorded video.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock