What’s Going On With Walker McGuire?

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It appears that country duo Walker McGuire are calling it quits.

Sunday afternoon a statement announcing the split between Jordan Walker and Johnny McGuire was posted to their social media accounts. The post mentioned that Johnny was already in the studio working on solo music and Jordan plans to focus on songwriting.

However, it seems as if there was a heads up at Luke Combs’ show Saturday night, prior to the official post being made from the duo.


Oddly enough, all posts have since been deleted, leaving many fans confused as to what the hell is really going on. Are they actually splitting up or was the post deleted because they changed their minds after seeing the fan response?

Whatever the case may be, I’m with this guy on this one. What the actual fuck?

We’re hoping for the best. Stay tuned…

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock