The Rock’s Tequila Is Officially On The Way & I Can’t F*cking Wait

Dwayne Johnson standing next to a table full of glasses

This is not a drill.

Since early last year, we have eagerly been waiting for the launch of The Rock’s tequila brand, rumored to be called “Mana.” Celebrity-owned labels have had a stellar track record lately, with guys like George Clooney and George Strait putting out some A+ tequila. As a tequila connoisseur himself, I can’t imagine why The Rock’s would be any different.

We haven’t heard much from him since news broke regarding the “Mana” trademark, however recently, The Rock shared a photo of himself taste testing a bunch of tequila’s with the caption:

“After years of development and working with the best partners in the spirits business – we’re one step closer to delivering my passion and mana for the world to enjoy. This one’s for you. Let’s have a drink.” 

Can’t. Fucking. Wait.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock