Samsung Unveils Foldable Phone… Except It’ll Run You Nearly $2,000

Today, Samsung unveiled their new Galaxy S10, but maybe more importantly, their state of the art Galaxy Fold, set to hit stores in late April.

For the ridiculous price of $1,980, the new Fold gives you the portability/functionality of a cell phone with the multimedia experience that you can get from a tablet. In tablet form, The Fold features a 7.3 inch display that easily bends into smartphone size with a 4.6 inch screen. It can also simultaneously run three apps at once so there’s really no reason to ever put it down.

Pretty cool. Is it $2,000 cool? Hell no.

The only foldable phone I want is the Motorola Razr. Holler at me when you resurrect that one.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock