Emojis on License Plates? It’s Happening

A license plate on a car


For the folks of Queensland, Australia, a personalized license plate just wasn’t really doing enough to capture the unique personality of the driver. So what are they going to do? I shit you not, they’re now allowing drivers to use emojis on their license plates.

Initially, your choice will be limited to laughing out loud, a winking face emoji, the cool sunglasses, the heart eyes, and the good old standard smiley face.

According to BBC, the Royal Automobile Club of Queensland has no issue with the new scheme. Spokeswoman Rebecca Michael told 7News Brisbane it was no different from drivers putting the logo of their favorite sports team on a plate.

“For quite some time we’ve seen that you can support your favorite team or your favorite town with a symbol on your number plate. And using an emoji is no different,” she said.

No… just no. This is stupid. If you get one of these, you are stupid.

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