Could ‘The Ranch’ Be Back For A 5th Season?

Not so fast.

Last month, we shared the news that The Ranch was reportedly coming to an end. In an interview with Sam Elliott, Variety reported that the popular Netflix series was wrapping up after (Parts 7 & 8) Season 4.

“There’s still no official word from Netflix about the show’s end, however the interview claims that Sam has a few final episodes to shoot, but he’s “not even thinking about what’s next.” The article also mentions that the show is currently “shooting its 4th and final season.”

However, in a more recent interview with DeadlineSam revealed that he committed to The Ranch for five years.

“I committed to doing The Ranch for five years. We’re finishing up our fourth, supposedly, that’s the end of it, but if they choose to go again, I’ll go again. By the end of five years it would be a hundred episodes. It’s going be 80 by the end of this year.”

Officially, there has been word from Netflix on whether or not we’re going to see Season 5. It also sounds like Sam himself has heard the conversation about it ending, but with him revealing that he committed to the show for five years, it sounds like they originally had Season 5 in mind, and that nothing is final. If it is final, then clearly Sam hasn’t been told definitively. Netflix has no reason to make a decision anytime soon, but if this upcoming season goes well, I can’t imagine them cancelling the show if everyone is under contract for five seasons.

It’s all complete speculation at this point, but after the show was reportedly dead in the water, this could give fans a glimmer of hope.

Season 4 (Part 7 and 8) is expected to air sometime this year. Stay tuned…

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