WWII Veteran Spends 92nd Birthday Buying $1,500 Of Chick-fil-A For Active-Duty Soldiers

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Let’s kick off your Tuesday morning with a feel-good story about the world’s sweetest grandpa.

For Edmund Rusinek’s 92nd birthday, he wanted to do something special for all of the active-duty military members in his area. As a World War II veteran himself, he knows how much it would mean to them, and according to the OC Register, Rusinek said it was a tradition that was established way back in 1945 when he was in the military.

“This tradition, so to speak, got started in 1945 when I was a draftee training in Little Rock, Arkansas,” Rusinek said. “To take a break from the GI food, some of my buddies and I left base for some good ol’ Southern food. At the restaurant, an elderly gentleman stepped up to us and asked, ‘Can you do me a favor? Will you let me buy your lunch? If you want to thank me, pass it down.’”

So on February 8th, Rusinek walked into his local Chick-fil-A with a big pile of cash and ended up somewhere in the neighborhood of about $1,500 bucks in free chicken sandwiches. He also took pictures and spent time with military members and their familes.

What a way to spend your 92nd birthday.

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