Person Makes Kool-Aid Mac & Cheese, Posts It On Facebook, Should Be Thrown In Jail

A bowl of food

If you want an afternoon yack attack, I got ya covered.

I present to you, the repulsive rainbow Kool-Aid Mac & Cheese.

So much to dissect here…

1. Where does this person live? WHAT STATE. I assume it’s the South, as they used “y’all” but people all over use that so who the fuck knows. They might be from Southern Indiana (my home state).

2. What kind of drugs were they on when making this? Maybe edibles? Maybe meth?

3. Is this someone’s mom? Moms love to discover Facebook 15 years after the platform’s launch and post shit like this. My mom just got Facebook recently and my mother-in-law likes everything I share.

4. Should this person be thrown in jail?

I feel fucking sick.

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h/t Reddit

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A beer bottle on a dock