New Ice Cream Called ‘Nightfood’ Is Fine To Eat Before Bed (YES)

I’m not doctor or scientist, but I will take these people at their word.

There’s a new ice cream on the market that launched this past fall called, Nightfood.

Nightfood isn’t necessarily a sleep-aid, as Bustle explains, rather a kind of ice cream much friendlier on your body later on at night, that shouldn’t keep you up. For example, no caffeine, less sugar, etc. A team of doctors and nutritionists developed the recipes.

There are eight flavors:

Full Moon Vanilla, Midnight Chocolate, After Dinner Mint Chip, Cold Brew Decaf, Cookies n’ Dreams, Milk and Cookie Dough, Cherry Eclipse, and Bed and Breakfast.

Pints run $5.99 a piece, but buying in bulk ends up cheaper with the shipping requirements to keep the ice cream frozen. All are available to purchase on their site.

Think you should try these.

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