Billy Ray Cyrus Has An Entire Safe Full Of Weed

Tish Cyrus standing next to a shelf of pineapples

Looks like Billy Ray Cyrus finally found the cure for his “Achy Breaky Heart.”

It’s weed. A lot of weed.

Billy Ray tweeted a picture of his wife, Tish, standing beside a safe filled with a shit ton of weed.

This tweet was a follow-up to the picture that he had tweeted on Valentine’s Day of Tish with her Valentine’s Day gift. Which was…you guessed it, weed.

Billy Ray points out how times are changing – and that he once had to buy Tish a car because she smelled weed on him.

The whole Cyrus family really seems to love their weed. Last August, rapper Lil Xan (and ex-boyfriend of Billy Ray’s daughter, Noah) posted a picture of their gift to “dad” – a new bong and some more weed.

Also, in a December interview on The Tonight Show, Miley revealed that her mom and dad like to get high and play with hummingbirds.

So really, Billy Ray’s picture of his wife standing beside a safe full of weed shouldn’t surprise anybody. W

hat did surprise me about the tweet though was that Billy Ray STILL USES A FUCKING BLACKBERRY. I didn’t know they even still made those.

Seems like the Cyrus family is really enjoying life right now. Personally, I’m just waiting for Billy Ray’s next hit – “Wakey Bakey Heart.”

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