Police Release Audio Of Miranda Lambert 911 Call: “Miranda Is Trying To Hit People, Flipping Plates Over”

By now, you’ve heard about Miranda’s SaladGate incident. If not, you can catch up here.

Long story short, Miranda got into it with some people at a Nashville Steakhouse and ended up dumping a salad on a woman’s lap. Fans loved it, I loved it, regardless of who started what, I love Miranda’s “don’t fuck with me” attitude.

However, today, police have released 911 call audio from people that were in the restaurant. According to Nashville News 4, there were 4 separate 911 calls, one of which appears to be from a random bystander. One caller claimed that the two men in the altercation were “a cop and a member of the Department of Homeland Security,” which is kind of funny, however the random bystander called saying that “now Miranda is trying to hit people and she’s flipping plates over on them.”

If I’m sitting there, enjoying my steak and two dudes start fighting, and then Miranda Lambert gets into the mix, why the hell would I call the police? Let the restaurant staff make that call, sit back, eat your steak and enjoy the chaos. She’s probably the type that wrote a Yelp review too.

“Bathrooms were clean, I witnessed a fight during my meal, steak was a little tough, overall experience not pleasant.”

Don’t be that lady…

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