I Actually Kind Of Like Florida Georgia Line’s “Speed Of Love”… I Said Kind Of

Florida Georgia Line dropped their 19-track clusterfuck of an album today, very defensively titled Can’t Say I Ain’t Country.

Who ya trying to convince fellas?

The entire album is a jumbled mess, completely lacking any identity, and amid the ridiculous skits, the R&B duet starring Jason Derulo, and the asinine dumpster fire called “Swerve” (read the full review), there are some actual, albeit brief, shades of country music. One of those examples is “Speed Of Love.”

Dripping with steel guitar licks, even a steel solo, and some thick telecaster riffs, it harkens back to some of those fast-talking, high-energy songs of the 90’s. Sure, it’s pretty corny, but a lot of that old stuff was and we still love it.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not good by any stretch of the imagination, but give me an album of 12 songs like this and you probably won’t be the most offensive artists in country music anymore… I said probably. 

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock