Guy In Kentucky Catches Giant 20 Pound Goldfish With Leftover Biscuit

A man holding a large orange fish

Down in the South and time for a story about biscuits. If you don’t like biscuits, huh?

Hunter Anderson and his girlfriend stopped by a private pond after dinner to see if they could catch anything. The only problem was they had no bait.

“Believe it or not, we ate at Lee’s earlier in the day, and I took a piece of a Lee’s biscuit and put it on a hook, threw it out there and that fish ate it,” said Anderson.

Hunter ended up catching a massive 20 pound goldfish (Koi Fish), got a pic, and released it back into the pond.

Biscuits are life. Look how happy this dude is.

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h/t, photo via WATE

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A beer bottle on a dock