The New ’48 Hours Missing Challenge’ Is Even Dumber Than Eating Tide Pods

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What in the fuck is happening.

Remember the Tide Pod challenge? The dumbest people alive were eating laundry detergent? Yeah, this is even dumber. The new viral challenge is called the 48 Hours Missing Challenge and it involves young people, mostly teens, disappearing for two full days with the hopes their photo will appear on social media.

Huh. Wat.

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I know, I’m with you. When I was a teenager all I cared about was not getting more pimples, my car not breaking down, and Cheez Its. Social media has its positives, but it also has ruined a generation, and these challenges prove that.

We now have people kidnapping their own self. My 48 Hours Missing Challenge growing up was telling my friends I wouldn’t see them for two days because my dad had a couple side jobs building decks and he needed me to help him carry shit and stand there while he did all the work.

“This could be the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of,” said Officer Simon Drobik, an Albuquerque Police Department spokesman. Police departments will have to use the same amount of resources for these pranks as they do for actual emergencies.

My head hurts.

h/t CBS

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