Sam Hunt’s Been Missing For 7 Months, But An Unreleased Song Called “Easy Livin'” Was Just Posted

It’s been over 7 months since Sam Hunt has posted anything on social media.

He’s taking his time away from music as we know. He’s also in a different spot in his life being recently married and focusing on other passions. He quit social media, at least for a while (which is admirable, to say the least). However, there is some interesting news to report – a new/unreleased song called “Easy Livin'” was just shared on YouTube, which you can hear below.

It’s the sound you expect from Hunt, but no other info is available. The demo could be from years back, or it could be something to expect on the horizon. Will it be released, will it not, who knows. Who the fuck knows.

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cover photo by Debby Wong /

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