Miranda Lambert Gets Into Fight At Nashville Steakhouse, Dumps A Salad On A Woman

Miranda Lambert smiling for the camera

How times do we have to tell you… you don’t fuck with Miranda Lambert.

According to a report by TMZ, Miranda was dining at Nashville’s Stoney River Steakhouse with some family and friends when an altercation began between an older man and Miranda’s friend.

The altercation reportedly started in the men’s bathroom over a joke about millennials and their phones, but eventually spilled out into the restaurant when the man approached Miranda’s table. Finally, Miranda had enough, walked over to their table and dumped a salad on the man’s wife. Bystanders also say that Miranda was so fired up that she had to be held back.

The cops were called but by the time police arrived, Miranda and her party had already left. No report was made.

You gotta love the way Miranda Lambert doesn’t give a fuck. She’ll drop a salad in your lap at a nice steakhouse and not think twice about it. Cue the “Somethin’ Bad”

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