Bret Michaels’ Daughter Is A Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model: “Comeuppance Coming Full Circle”

Bret Michaels et al. in a boat

This might be news to you, but Bret Michaels’ daughter, Raine Michaels, is a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model, and a finalist in the SI Swimsuit Search competition.

Bret’s been getting a lot of questions, given his wild younger days with Poison.

He told Yahoo, “As a dad I’m proud, but you know, there’s bittersweetness involved because it’s your daughter doing, you know, bikini Sports Illustrated,” he said. “I just look at it like this – I think she will be classy, she’ll be awesome, and I’m proud.”

“When I was living in it, you don’t think of it as dangerous. You’re thinking, ‘This is fun! This is awesome! It’s great!’ But when you look back as a dad, and this is your comeuppance coming full circle.”

Raine’s Instagram has begun to blow up with the national attention…

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cover photo via Tinseltown / / @rainee_m on Instagram

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