A New Tinder-Like App Will Help You Find A Breeding Partner For Your Cows

Cows need love too.

According to BBC, there’s a new Tinder-like app available for farmers and ranchers that helps you find a breeding companion for your livestock. You create an animal profile, just like you would on Tinder, and you can match with other livestock in your area.

Called “Tudder,” the new app already has over 42,000 profiles on it.

Farming startup, Hectare Agritech, which also runs online grain marketplace Graindex, says its goal is “reinventing farm trading – and making farmers’ lives easier.” They claim to have raised almost $4 million from investors, including tennis star Andy Murray.

I’m no farmer, but I imagine it can be quite the headache trying to get a couple of cows to bump uglies. You can’t throw out a “u up?” at 2am and hop in an Uber. You have to find a companion, you have to get them there, you hope they like each other, you got to set the mood right, one thing leads to another, we get that barn shakin’ and boom, we’re getting ready for a calf. A lot of things have to go right.

With Tuddle, all you need is a little of this…

Gets ’em feeling like this…

Then it’s…

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