Guy Smokes Too Much Weed, Wanders Into Abandoned House, Finds Giant Tiger, Thinks He’s Hallucinating, He Wasn’t

A bird in a cage

Where to begin with this story.

If you ever smoked a bit too much weed, you’ll be able to relate to this dude’s tweaking. The long story made short is this: a guy wanted to smoke himself stupid, so he found an abandoned house in Houston and did.

Once he got going, and really high, he saw a giant caged tiger in the house. According to police, the guy thought he was hallucinating when he saw the tiger. 

As you can see, the tiger definitely has been eating, but nobody really knows who has been feeding it, or how they got the tiger. If you’re picturing that scene from The Hangover, I’m with ya.

An anonymous tip (from the hallucinating guy) came into police regarding the female tiger. Police and animal control were able to get into the house, tranquilize the tiger, and plans have been made to deliver her to a sanctuary where she can receive proper medical attention. They’re working on finding a permanent home for the cat.

Sometimes you smoke the right amount, sometimes you fly to Pluto.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock