Wife Asks Internet If It’s Normal That Her Husband Pees Sitting Down, The Responses Are Incredible

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This turned out hilarious, and unexpected.

On AskMen, a wife wanted to get to the bottom of something…

“My husband pees while sitting down – how common is that?”

The responses ROLLED in…thousands of ’em.

Here were the highest-voted 22; they might surprise you…

1. If his piss forks, which some men do, then he probably does it to avoid a mess. The fork is essentially what creates the mess instead of bad aim.

2. No mess. Get to browse Reddit. Gives me options if I change my mind about business to be done. There is basically no down side.

3. Seriously, it’s a blessing, particularly at night. Peeing sitting down means I don’t have to turn the light on and wake myself up.

4. Peeing standing up is a privilege reserved for filthy places. At home I always sit down.

5. Why TF should I stand when I could sit down?

6. Yep. I do it!! No mess!!

7. I only sit to poop, if I think there’s potential for a poop, or to kill time at work. I never sit to just pee. That being said, I don’t think it’s weird at all, and I know it’s reasonably common. Just a matter of preference.

8. I have to sit and I’m very self conscious about it, so I’m happy to know that it’s common.

9. I do it more than I used to. Mainly because I’m a dad now and my only solace of silence is the toilet. I’ll sit down to pee so I can rest and switch off for 5 minutes. Even if we’re sat watching TV and not playing. It doesn’t count. I need pure silence and nobody around me.

If I’m just needing to pee, I’ll stand and be quick.

10. Standing up has become some sign of masculinity for some reason. I’ve sat to pee my entire life. To me the real sign of being a good person is respecting the space I’m in (i.e not making a giant mess). My wife prefers to clean the bathroom while I clean other parts of the house. So for me to stand up and make a mess is literally pissing on her hard work when it’s easier and cleaner to sit. I would use a urinal when I’m out and about so it’s not an inability to pee standing up it’s a choice to keep my own house clean.

Anyone who refuses to sit because it doesn’t make them a man is the same guy who also probably thinks it’s his wife’s duty to cook and clean.

11. All the time or just when you’re watching? Despite being married for 20 years if I have to pee when my wife is in the bathroom I’ll sit.

12. TIL I’m normal.

13. Yes, cause you don’t have to worry about aim, sound (especially at night), or the dreaded “last drop.” Beware though, we will ALL stand in public bathrooms at any standard of a fast food chain like McD’s or lower.

14. This is very common here in Germany. It is generally expected that you’ll sit to pee, particularly as a guest in somebody else’s home.

15. I hate cleaning toilets, so…

16. TIL I’m actually in the minority when it comes to exclusively standing to pee.

17. At night I usually take a knee.


19. I do it. Because it is easy to relax and tweet.

20. It sneaks up on you at the worst possible times too (the fork), God knows what causes it. I can go days without the fork then all of a sudden it’s shooting like it has a crazy eye or something.

21. My stream forked, and I ended up pissing on my leg during the scheduled break at the SATs.

22. Sometimes you start pushing and realize there’s a little bit of shit that could stand to come out. If you sit it becomes a relaxing multi minute mini vacation from life.

Personally, the ‘sit down to pee’ is crucial when experiencing a rough hangover. Don’t want to faint mid-pee. Too messy.

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