A Behind-The-Scenes Look At The Real-Life Military Members & First Responders In Justin Moore’s “The Ones That Didn’t Make It Back Home” Video

In the new music video for “The Ones That Didn’t Make It Back Home,” Justin Moore took the opportunity to shine a light on our military members and first-responders that are tasked with keeping our country safe.

However, those weren’t just a bunch of actors.

Justin, alongside director Cody Villalobos, used real people, with real stories, to capture the powerful new video. Real military members, real police officers, real firefighters… here’s 6 fun facts about the new music video that you probably didn’t know.

1. The video was directed and filmed by former EMT, who is also Justin’s social media manager, Cody Villalobos.

2. Justin got the idea for the song after years of dedicating “If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away” to lost loved ones each night on stage.

3. Former military members, policemen, active firemen, etc… were on set and included in the video.

4. The video was shot in both Nevada and Tennessee.

5. The video was filmed on Veterans Day 2018.

6. This is the first single from Justin Moore’s Late Nights and Longnecks album, due April 26, 2019.

Military personnel on set:
Ossis Brown
SFC (Ret) US Army

Matt Willette
Firearms Specialist
Former US Army

Felicia Weise
CPT Nevada Army National Guard
(Was very cool and special to have a female soldier on set for her added perspective)

Original set design ideas/concepts referred to photos and explanations of two tours in Afghanistan by:
Tony Villalobos
Former Staff Sergeant EOD Tech (bomb squad)
US Marine Corps

Fire fighters:
Josh Halterman – Firefighter/A-EMT
Hawthorne Army Depot Fire Dpt. and Central Lyon County Fire Dpt. (Both Nevada)

Tent Renner – Firefighter/Paramedic
South Lake Tahoe Fire Dpt.

Fire Department:
Mason Valley Fire Protection District – Yerington Nevada
Special thanks to Chief Scott Draper and Assistant Chief Lacey Parrott

Nashville Fire Department:

Special thanks to Director Chief William Swann; Deputy Director Chief Timothy Henderson; and Public Information Officer Joseph Pleasant

Cop / Policeman:
Brian Perry
Former Firefighter at: North Olympia Fire Dpt. + South Bay Fire Dpt. Olympia (Washington) + Truckee Meadows Fire Dpt (Nevada)
Former Law Enforcement: Sergeant Correction Officer + SERT Team (prison swat team) | Washington Correction Center

Cop car:
Yerington Police Department (Nevada)
Special thanks to Chief Darren Wagner, Officer Brandon Coombs, and Officer Flores

Classroom Scene:
From the director’s (Cody Villalobos) mom’s props and desks from her classroom. This was shot it all at the old school in Yerington, Nevada which is now technically a museum!

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A beer bottle on a dock