Nashville Meteorologist Puts Trolls On Blast When They Get Angry She Interrupted ‘The Masked Singer’

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Let me start by saying I do not watch The Masked Singer.

However, during an episode last week, Nashville meteorologist Katy Morgan decided the network had to cut from The Masked Singer to report on dangerous conditions moving into the area. Fans of the show with nothing better to do went after Katy on Twitter, like you’d expect in 2019, unfortunately. In a tweet, @KatyMorganWX elaborated:

Yesterday 2 people died due to flooding. 2 tornadoes caused damage. Unfortunately, I had to cover The Masked Singer to warn people about the dangerous conditions moving in. Here are some comments I received while on air. I will always put lives ahead of a TV show.

Katy then decided to put some of the nastiest comments on a map, and showed it to viewers. Love this move, Katy. Never seen it, but I’m a fan of putting these asshats on blast. Nicely done. Dig the creativity.

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h/t NewsCastStudio

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