“I Finally Made It, I Gotta Do That Song,” Says Cody Jinks About Covering Alan Jackson’s “Chasin’ That Neon Rainbow”

Cody Jinks covering Alan Jackson is about as good as it gets these days.

I think I was about 2 or 3 when that song came out and while Cody might have a few years on me, it doesn’t matter. If you’re a country music fan born anywhere between 1975 and 2000, there’s a special place in your heart for some Alan Jackson.

“Go and tell Alan Jackson we didn’t fuck his song up,” Cody laughed before getting into his reasoning for covering the Alan Jackson hit.

“I think I was 9 years old, 10 years old, when that song came out. I always loved that song and my wife and kids and I were having dinner a few weeks ago and the restaurant that we were at, that song came on and I hadn’t heard it in a long time… and I kind of teared up, I said I gotta do that song, I finally made it, I gotta do that song.”

“Means a lot more now than it did back then.”

Our videographer here could’ve used some help, but oh well.

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