Bebe Rexha Cusses Out The Crowd After They Don’t Sing Along To “Meant To Be”

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Anyways, at a Grammy Week Spotify event this past Thursday night, Bebe Rexha ripped the crowd a new asshole for not singing along to her song “Meant To Be,” with enough enthusiasm. You know “Meant To Be,” that song she did with Florida Georgia Line that sat at #1 for 50 straight weeks.

Even if you don’t remember, she was quick to remind everybody during her on-stage temper tantrum.

“This song was No. 1 for 50 fucking weeks, I work too fucking hard for this bullshit, OK? Call me whatever the fuck you wanna call me. ‘Cause I’m a girl? Yes. I’m a big bitch right now. Go ahead,” she told the crowd.

“You’re going to sing the fucking words if you know the fucking song,” she said before starting the song over.

She was welcomed into country music, invited to perform at major country music events, nominated for country music awards, her name was forever etched into the country record books, and now, she’s at the Grammy Awards under the banner of “country music.” In return, we get a classy response like this.

She’s an absolute fucking disgrace to country music and should forever be treated as such.

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