The Average Cost Of A Case Of Beer In Every State

In 2017, my home state of Illinois, and the place where Whiskey Riff resides saw more people leave than any other state in the country. In 2018, second to only New Jersey.

However, according to this new study from Simple Thrifty Living, Illinois has the cheapest beer in the country.

So why the fuck is everybody leaving?

According to Simple Thrifty Living, this was there methodology:

“We found the prices in up to 10 zip codes in each state for a 24-pack of Bud Light and Miller Lite. We chose those beers and that volume due to the national popularity. The zip codes chosen were a mix of urban and rural areas to get a representation of different parts of each state. We averaged the prices of the two beers together and rounded to the nearest cent. The numbers reflect prices only, taken from the retailers, and do not reflect any additional taxes or fees, such as recycling fees.”

As soon as this gets out, people are going to be flocking to Illinois.