Mr. Hyunh’s “Simple Things” Is What Country Radio Is Missing Right Now

As a kid, Hey Arnold! was the best.

I don’t know what kind of cartoons they got these days, but my future children are going to get a heavy dose of Hey Arnold!, along with the rest of the Nickelodeon classics.

Anyways, remember that episode where Mr. Hyunh goes country? Arnold helps him realize his dream of being a country music singer, which culminates in a Vietnamese immigrant standing on the “Great Ole Opry” stage and performing his hit single “Simple Things.” Real powerful stuff right there.

Of course, Mr. Hyunh sounds a lot like Randy Travis, and that’s because it is the great Randy Travis.

It’s great episode, fucking GREAT episode, but more importantly, how about this song? How is a song like “Simple Things” not on country radio right now? That’s what we’re missing right now, that’s what country music needs. We’re out here signing boy bands like King Calaway, but this is what the fans really want.

Go ahead, tell me I’m wrong…

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock