Company Invents “Drinkable Chips” For Millennials That Can’t Put Down Their Phone

A person carrying a bag of chips

Good Lord…

According to The Wall Street Journal, Japanese chip maker Koike-ya is combating greasy fingers with their new “drinkable chips.”

Featuring only a small hole at the top, One Hand Chips come in different flavors and have been cut into “smaller pieces” so you can drink the chips with one hand. This allows you to keep one hand clean for cell phone use, because, apparently everybody eats chips with two hands.

You know how I eat chips? Two fingers. That’s it, two fucking fingers.

I don’t know who these clowns are that are scooping them out with both hands like they’re drinking water from a sink, but it’s pretty fucking easy to eat a few chips and use your phone at the same time. Maybe it would benefit you (and society) to put the damn thing down long enough to eat some chips. For fuck’s sake.

And, even if you want to “drink your chips,” just crush the bag a little, open half the bag, and pour ’em your mouth like a normal person.

I mean, who hasn’t been this guy?

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A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock