The 2019 Ram 1500s Have A Pretty Cool Tailgate Option

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Remember yesterday when we told you that Ram was recalling almost 600,000 Ram HD trucks? Thankfully, it won’t be any of these.

The infamous tailgate has long-been a staple in the country music community and truck companies are finally giving them new ways to write about it. GMC Sierra is was touting their cool new MultiPro tailgate system, which admittedly, has some pretty kickass features, but Ram raised the stakes with a new tailgate tricks of their own.

2019 Ram 1500s will now offer a new tailgate package that features swinging clamshell doors. With a 60/40 alignment, each door can be opened individually, together, or just dropped down like your standard tailgate.

It’ll run you less than a thousand dollars, AKA, definitely worth the price of impressing your friends.

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