10 Ways Whiskey Will Make You Healthier

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There’s so much to love about whiskey.

Most importantly, it gets you drunk. Believe it or not, whiskey is actually healthy for you. There’s a ton of benefits. Here are 10 that’ll make your head spin. Healthier than water? I think so.

1. It makes you happy.

When you drink whiskey you become happy and forget about all your problems, mountains of student debt, and the person that ripped your heart out and crushed your soul.

2. Less stress.

If you drink enough whiskey, you forget all about your stress and responsibilities. All of a sudden, poof – the stress is gone.

3. It helps you catch up on sleep.

When you drink enough whiskey you end up sleeping for 12 hours, instead of 6.

4. Boosts your immune system.

Feelin’ a little under the weather? Drink some whiskey and that cold runs away scared shitless.

5. Takes you out of your comfort zone.

You’re scared to send that text, or approach that person in the bar, or do pull-ups from a 20 foot street sign – not when you drink whiskey. It gets you out of your comfort zone and takes you to a place you often shy away from.

6. New friends.

Whiskey tends to make you more conversational, which leads to you meeting new people, and making new friends. You now have friends.

7. Boost creativity.

A couple whiskeys open up the mind. Things that are definitely not funny suddenly become hilarious. Your Shark Tank pitch now makes sense. You can now whip up a dish like you’re on an episode of Chopped. Peanut butter, pepperoni, and rice magically become tacos.

8. Pet dogs.

If you drink enough whiskey and walk around outside you’ll ask strangers to pet their dogs. Petting dogs is great for the soul you may have lost.

9. More ambitious.

When you have the perfect amount of whiskey you start making plans that will never happen. You set goals you’ll never actually attempt to conquer when sober. You create an alternate reality which motivates you during your drunken stupor.

10. Matthew McConaughey.

Matthew McConaughey.

Cheers to whiskey.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock