Randy Houser Releases Powerful Performance Video For “No Stone Unturned”

For my money, this is the best song on Randy’s ridiculously good new album, Magnolia.

With just Randy fingerpicking alongside an accompanying piano, this performance shines a light on his incredible vocal ability, second just about nobody in country music. Couple that with the compelling songwriting of a song like “No Stone Unturned” and I simply can’t hit the repeat button enough times.

“This album was a total reset for me in every way possible. With the last album, I just didn’t have time to create, and it was obvious that it didn’t all come from my guts. Because of that, the music just didn’t feel as genuine,” said Houser. “When writing for this new project, I knew the production had to lean on songs and melodies, not a bunch of tricks and loops. That was the catalyst for album. So, for the past two years we’ve been focused on trying to find a unique sound and trying to best serve the songs.”

The result? A masterpiece like this.

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A beer bottle on a dock