NASCAR Will Disqualify Racers That Are Caught Cheating This Year

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Some genius level thinking coming out of NASCAR this year.

Here’s an idea, how about this year, we disqualify cheaters so they can’t win the race?

Sounds obvious, but that’s exactly what NASCAR intends to do in 2019.

“If you are illegal, you don’t win the race,” said Steve O’Donnell, NASCAR’s chief racing development officer. “We cannot allow inspection and penalties to continue to be a prolonged storyline. Race vehicles are expected to adhere to the rule book from the opening of the garage to the checkered flag.”

In years previous, failed inspections were announced days later with the driver and team usually getting docked points, forced to pay a fine and sometimes suspended. However this year, inspections will be completed at the track and disqualified cars will now lose points, purse money and even the trophy.

The runner-up will be declared the winner and any cheating team will only get one championship point.

“We’re really looking at a total culture change,” O’Donnell said.

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