Jim Beam’s New Celebration Ad Honors The Good People That Helped Rebuild The Distillery After Prohibition

Jim Beam tuggin’ at the heart strings with their latest ad campaign.

When Prohibition came to an end, the Jim Beam family had to rise from the ashes and rebuild the iconic brand that they are today. But they didn’t do it alone. In fact, they called on dozens of friends and family members to help them rebuild the entire facility in just 120 days. People that were “raised the right way.”

“We set out to create a campaign that focuses on the good created by treating those around you like family. The little-known story from our past that is told in ‘Celebration’ illustrates how those values are just as relevant now as back then.”

Their names might not be on the bottle, but Jim Beam is raising a glass to all those folks that made it possible for us to raise one today.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock